Defying Subjugation

Taliban thugs have made it a practice to ask Afghani girls if they're going to school. An innocent enough question. If the girl answers yes, the Talibani throws acid in her face, causing pain and scarring her for life.

After 11 students and 4 teachers were attacked this way, parents kept their girls home from school in Kandahar. The Taliban had moved into the area and advancing into the 21st century was out of the question.

But the headmaster, Mahmood Qadari, talked the parents into letting their girls come back to school. “I told them, if you don’t send your daughters to school, then the enemy wins,” Mr. Qadari said. “I told them not to give in to darkness. Education is the way to improve our society.”

The 1300 students have returned to class, defying Islamic subjugation and taking a stand for freedom.

Read the whole New York Times story here.

Read more about the Islamic teachings the girls were defying.

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