Islam Doesn't Qualify as a Religion According to the Italian Cabinet

MOSQUES IN ITALY will not receive a share of income tax revenue the Italian government allocates to religious faiths each year. Hindu and Buddhist temples, Greek Orthodox churches and Jehovah's Witnesses will be eligible for the funds, according to a bill approved by the Italian cabinet in May and still must be approved by parliament.

Until now, the government had earmarked 8 percent of income tax revenue for Italy's established churches. The great majority of these funds go to the Catholic Church, although if they wish, individual tax payers may elect to give the money to charities and cultural projects instead.

Islam is not an established religion in Italy and there is only one official mosque in the country, Rome's Grand Mosque. Politicians from the ruling coalition cite radical imams, polygamy and failure to uphold women's rights by Muslim immigrants as obstacles to recognizing Islam as an official religion in Italy.

Until now, only the Catholic Church, Judaism and other established churches including Lutherans, Evangelists, Waldensians and 7th-day Adventists have received the income tax revenue from the Italian government. Source

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judylxn said...
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Nordlys said...

I live in Italy and is not so good.
Most italians are filo-islamists and christianofomics and antisionists. They would rather live under sharia law just because they hate pope.
Most of our politics are dhimmies and the president is a communist (he claims it without problem).
The big mosques was projected by Mussolini (he was friend of muslims), but in Italy there are almost 800 mosques. And they would build other mosques if the northern league didn't used the Pig 'profanation' method to avoid building of new mosques.
Also, in front of italian law
- First muslims (better if immigrants)
- Second EU immigrants and gipsies
- Third italians. Us italians are third class citizien in our own county.