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I TRIED TO read the Quran many times, but I couldn't stay awake, and it was confusing because the traditional way to arrange the chapters is from the longest chapter to the shortest, rather than arranging them in the order they were written. Since many of the passages are events in Mohammad's life, reading the Quran start to finish is disorienting. It jumps around.

And many of the passages have no context. They seem to start in the middle, or assume the reader already knows things about Mohammad's life.

Not only that but most English translations are written in Olde English, which makes it even harder to read. And the original Quran is full of tedious repetitions of the same stories.

But Bill Warner, a former professor of physics, created a readable Quran. This is a vital key to defeating the third jihad. We non-Muslims need to know what is in that book since 61% of it is about us. Reading the Quran is the single most important thing a non-Muslim can do to educate themselves about Islam. Warner's book makes this a lot easier.

The book is entitled An Abridged Koran. It is written in chronological order in plain modern English, it removes the repetition, and it includes biographical information where needed so you actually know what it the passages refer to. It it excellent.

Bill also has several great weekly newsletters. Sign up here: Political Islam (in the left-hand column).

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Anonymous said...

after seeing your endorsement of bill warners 'a simple koran' & 'an abridged koran', i immediately purchased the latter. and i am very satisfied. i too have read a 1971 translation that was made available to British servicemen having served in oman. it was nearly an impossible task to make any sense of. the old translations jumps around
bumbling through in a hodgepodge fashion. the only other text i have tried to read that was as repetitive and jumbled was 'mein kampf', it is more than just coincidence maybe.
i definately beleive that reading/owning a copy of 'a simple koran' can be nothing but beneficial to any determined anti jihadi..
no matter how many quotes from the koran or qu'ran that i have read and memorised in the past it cannot prepare you for just how shocking this book is. to know that hitlers mein kampf dedicates 7% to jew hatred yet the korans is 17% & mein kampf is banned in many countries because it is a abonination of hatred from a warped mind and also in case in encourages genocide , but it is not as hate filled as other texts. "THE MIND BOGGLES".
it makes me wonder if western & u.s governments have been forced to do nothing about the blatent wickedness by been ransomed over fossil fuels. and the usual veiled threats of been labelled islamophobic.
i just pray that i will now be able to explain myself to people about the trojan horse in our society in a more articulate manner.
"Evil flourishes when good men do nothing".