Trencherbone the Great

A BLOGGER who calls himself "Trencherbone" has done us a great service. On a single page, he has compiled an enormous collection of resources entitled, Everything You Need to Know About Islam, arranged in alphabetical order.

Each category has several, sometimes very many, links to articles on that topic.

When we're talking to our fellow non-Muslims about Islam, they want proof. They want facts, statistics, examples. Their minds are not blank when it comes to Islam. They have already been told by seeming experts that Islam is a religion of peace, that it has been hijacked by extremists, and that people like you are racist, bigoted Islamophobes. So you had better make a good case if you want to get through.

Trencherbone has made it much easier to make a good case. And for that, and all the effort he has put into this excellent resource, he has justly earned the Citizen Warrior Hero Award. Check out his page: Everything You Need to Know About Islam.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Trencherbone? His blog appears defunct.

Citizen Warrior said...

Hi Randian,

I just went to this page:

and it worked just fine.

Anonymous said...

You may have noticed no new posts since Feb 11 of last year.

Citizen Warrior said...


Ask Trencherbone himself by making a comment on this article:

Trencherbone recently made a comment there and probably subscribed and will see your question.

Anonymous said...

I tried to send you an e-mail about
this excellent and informative page.Everytime I try to send an e-mail it's blocked because I don't
know some techical code in my computer. I understand security is
a real issue for you. Religion is a
set of beliefs and behaviors. While
it's culturally imposed and indoctrinated it is chosen unlike
immutable human characteristics.
Defending Islam is factually and morally no different than defending
Nazism and Islam is a political and
social order not just a religion.
Trencherbone's explanation of how
this evil creates psychopaths and
psychopathic behavior is insightful
and brilliant. It is a cancer on the globe. I think the US is becoming informed and getting what
Islam is and we will not go the way
of Europe.The road to hell...

Citizen Warrior said...

My email is not blocked. Write to me at any time.