Glen Reinsford and the Religion of Peace

Glen Reinsford started a year after 9/11 and originally simply posted every Islamic terrorist attack that occurred anywhere in the world. And the site still does that. But over the years, Reinsford has added many additional features to a site that many now use as a helpful resources in the battle to stop Islam's relentless encroachment.

Reinsford has a passion for accuracy, and that's one of the things that makes his site so valuable. His mission is "to present the truth about Islam and how it is so tragically different from other religions." Read more about his mission here: An article about TROP on TROP.

By simply presenting the facts, Reinsford cuts through the multicultural rhetoric and makes it clear the teachings of this religion are presenting a danger to the free world. And as Reinsford says, "Nor should Westerners continue to think that the solution to the violence is greater understanding and tolerance for Islam, as Muslim apologists often imply when offering rare commentary on high-profile terror attacks. It is the killers and their supporters who need lessons in tolerance and understanding, not their victims."

Read more: An interview with Glen Reinsford.

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Citizen Warrior said...

Why Reinsford started TROP:

Chadd: What inspired you to make the website? Was there a single incident?

Glen: Actually yes. I must have already had the idea for this site at the time, since I went live so soon after this. The massacre at a Hindu temple in Ahmedabad, India about a year after 9/11. It was almost ignored in the Western press, and it occurred to me how common Islamic terror is that such a brutal incident should receive only passing attention. I also have to credit CAIR, since I watched them closely in the year following 9/11 and was repulsed by their lack of critical moral perspective.

Citizen Warrior said...

A choice quote from that interview:

Chadd: There's been a rise of momentum in the theory that if we wouldn't provoke the proverbial beast, we would otherwise be safe. For example if we'd just stop supporting Israel we wouldn't have had to worry about 9/11. Knowing what you know, what do you feel about that? And to add onto that question, do you think 9/11 could have been avoided by not supporting Israel? And do you think that's a worthwhile price to pay for security?

Glen: There will always be an excuse for Islamic terror, because there always has been. Islam is engineered to seek political and social dominance and to not stop until that happens. Just the mere fact that Muslims are so obsessed over tiny Israel seems to prove this. There is plenty of other land in the Middle East, but the real problem is that Israel is Jewish. If Israelis all converted to Islam tomorrow, there would be no more "grievance." To answer your last question... no, I do not believe in concession, because it will only result in further demands. The line has to be held somewhere.

Citizen Warrior said...

On the "About" page of TROP, it says this:

Some Muslims may say that Muhammad preached love for people of other religions, but there is not a single verse in the Qur'an that commands this. Yet there are 493 verses that either tell Muslims to kill unbelievers or that speak to Allah's hatred for them and how they will be tortured in Hell. Non-Muslims are referred to as the "vilest of animals" in Islam's holiest book.

If peace is defined as being free to live one's life as one pleases and allowing others to do the same, then Islam is as far from peace as it can possibly be. Where it dominates, there is systematic discrimination and oppression of those of other faiths (dhimmitude, which Muslims ironically refer to as 'tolerance'). Where Muslims are in minority, there is rebellion, terror and disloyalty - a never-ending jihad to bring about Islamic rule, as Muhammad commanded.

Islam will be a peaceful religion when Muslims stop preaching hate, stop killing in the name of Allah, and stop remaining indifferent to the violence. Until this happens, we will faithfully document each of the reasons why this is anything but a "Religion of Peace."

Damien said...

Citizen Warrior,

Glen Reinsford definitively deserves our admiration.