Tom Trento

Tom Trento runs the site,, which is doing a great job getting people to watch the DVD, Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West. His organization has given away thousands of the DVDs, they've flown a plane over a big city advertising the movie, parked a truck advertising the movie in front of a big stadium, and so on (see photos of their promotional events). Tom and his organization are making people aware of this important film.

I first heard about Tom's work when he handed out free copies of Obsession to everyone at the Democratic Convention in Denver earlier this year (2008). That struck me as brilliant.

Tom Trento is doing one of the most important things that can be done: Helping non-Muslims educate themselves about Islam's political goals. And he chose one of the best vehicles for accomplishing this: Obsession is a good introduction to the guiding principles of Islam's relationship with non-Muslims.

Read more about Tom Trento's work:

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Citizen Warrior said...

The reason I think the education of non-Muslims is so important is that everything else that needs to be done politically cannot be done until a sufficient number of people understand what Islam's political goals are. Their relentless encroachment cannot be stopped until a lot more people are familiar with Islamic teachings and methods. So that is the vital first step. Tom Trento has taken up that banner and run with it.

Carol Fuller said...

Tom Trento: My thinking has been just like yours since 9/11. Soon after that I began work on my book, The Muslim Economic Trap" which finally was published in 2008. See website The book is available in bookstores, or I can mail you a copy if I learn your address.

I seek to inform the general public about fundamental Islam and I also want Muslims to realize why they are so handicapped. As you say," Muslim are the biggest victims of Shariah law..."

In MN the shariah encroachment is happening. State money goes to help support an Islamic grade school and to run an agency for sharia mortgages. Some letters have been sent to newspapers, but not a loud outcry about it.

I want to keep in touch.

Carol Fuller