Stop the Jihad on Campus

David Horowitz has found a way to make people aware of the goals of Jihadis on U.S. campuses — a place where multiculturalism reigns. He has created an annual event with speakers and literature on campuses all over the United States called Stop the Jihad on Campus.

The goal of this week-long event October 13-17 is to dispel the charade promoted by the MSA (Muslim Students Association) that it is merely another religious and cultural group among the many which make up today’s “diverse,” multicultural campus. Hopefully, this will convince student governments and university administrators to remove funding for this hostile organization.

“Stop the Jihad on Campus” will reveal MSA’s hardcore political agenda as an affinity group for the radical Islamic jihad, and its role as a sponsor of religious prejudice against women and gays, ethnic hatred against Jews, and anti-American propaganda. Horowitz clearly understands the goals and methods of Jihadis and is successfully thwarting them.

Learn more about his project and find ways you can help: Stop the Jihad on Campus.

Learn more about the MSA's connection to violence-promoting U.S. organizations: The Muslim Brotherhood's US Network (long article but worth reading).

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