Anne Korin

"THIS YEAR, the United States and other countries will send OPEC countries more money than the United States taxpayers send our own Department of Defense," says Anne Korin in the video below.

We're pouring money into the pockets of organizations dead-set on destroying the West. Why? Because the only fuel we use for transportation is oil. And transportation is the underpinning of our economy. What a trap!

Anne Korin has a practical way out: Urge congress to mandate an open fuel standard. Making a combustion engine with an open fuel standard costs about one hundred dollars. And doing it will have enormous consequences: It allows competition between fuels, allowing fuel prices to drop, it cuts off the flow of money to Jihadis in the Middle East, and it boosts our own economy because most of the other fuels will be made domestically.

Korin explains all this clearly and simply:

That is the first video of several. You can watch the rest here: Anne Korin's solution to OPEC's monopoly and oil jihad.

You can do something right now to push the U.S. to adopt an open fuel standard: Go to Nozzle Rage and click on the red button in the upper right hand corner to put the pressure on your representatives to get this law passed. Then encourage everyone you know to do so, and encourage them to encourage everyone they know. Let's get this done!

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Anonymous said...

Ms. Korin's grasp on the technical and economic nature of the problem of oil security is impressive - she correctly differentiates between tactical and strategic applications of solutions.

Furthermore, her insightful methods of how the OPEC cartel is to be destroyed are economically sensible, even though she does not expand upon the economic theory behind them, and her exposition of combining solutions to the transportation dilemma is genuinely impressive.

One aspect that I would recommend improvement on is her delivery. If Ms. Korin could learn to connect with her audience a little better, she would become a formidable orator.

Overall, highly impressive, and I am bookmarking this and adding it to my favourites on YouTube at once.

JudgeRight said...

I don't know if you are aware of Liberty Pen's work, but his sight is focused on free market principals. I sent this video to him and I think you should look into his work if you haven't already. Very critical message here. Thank you for posting it.

Citizen Warrior said...

I'll check it out, JudgeRight. Thank you.