The United American Committee

The United American Committee (UAC) has a lot of projects going, including stopping a madrassa in the U.S. from teaching hatred, preventing "textbook" jihad, and producing a radio show and a documentary.

But one action they've taken lately I thought was particularly noteworthy. They put a billboard on the I-75 Detroit-Toledo Expressway. Here it is:

When you go to the web address they advertise on the billboard,, you will see a video, top center, that will educate you about Shari'a Law.

What a great idea!

The most important thing that needs to be done throughout the Western nations is the education of non-Muslims about the goals and methods of Islam. The United American Committee is doing just that, boldly and with professionalism. That's exactly what we need.

Read more about them: The United American Committee.

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