Representative Sue Myrick

Rep. Sue Myrick of North Carolina founded the bipartisan Anti-Terrorism Caucus. "Members of Congress and the American public must know the threats we face from radical jihadist terrorists," she says. "The Anti-Terrorism Caucus will give Congress the tools and resources it needs to communicate those threats to the public, as well as help them make more informed decisions when it comes to terrorist issues."

Rep. Myrick hopes that the American public will see that Iraq is just one part of the greater war against radical Islamic Jihadists. She hopes that by forming this new caucus, members can educate themselves on the threats we face so that they can take that knowledge back home and help educate their constituents. The caucus now has over 120 members and is getting valuable information on things such as terrorist use of the internet, terrorist financing, and jihadist history and ideology.

Rep. Sue Myrick's also created a “Wake Up America” Agenda, which will, among other things, call for a government investigation of all US military chaplains and US prison chaplains who were approved by Abdurahman Alamoudi, and will call for the Government Accounting Office to investigate the selection process of Arabic translators in the FBI and Department of Defense.

Her wake up agenda will also introduce a bill to make the preaching, publication, or distribution of materials that call for the death of American citizens, attacks on the United States Government or Armed Forces, or the financing of the means and/or operations to accomplish these acts, acts of sedition and/or solicitation of treason.

This woman means business. We need more like her. Read an article about her: Sue Myrick's Anti-Jihad Caucus. Read a good interview with her. Read what she says about Jihadi infiltration within the U.S. And lend her your support. If you live in North Carolina, you can email her here. You can fax her from anywhere: 202-225-3389.

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Citizen Warrior said...

From the article about Sue Myrick:

"The media and academia have whitewashed jihad or ducked the issue entirely, petrified as they are of looking intolerant toward Muslims. Meantime, well-funded apologists such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations have gone on the offensive against the few critics who have spoken out, further confusing Americans about the gravity of the threat.

"The jihadists have become incredibly advanced in their public relations efforts," Myrick lamented. And we have limited tools to counteract their propaganda, thanks to institutionalized religious tolerance even for creeds hostile to our way of life.

"The Anti-Jihad Caucus dares to right that imbalance. Its main goal is to educate members of Congress about the Islamic threat so they can talk candidly to their constituents about it."