Chris Simcox

Chris Simcox is a Citizen Warrior Hero. After September 11th, he discovered, quite by accident, just how porous the southern border of the U.S. really was, so he went down to the border with a chair, a cellphone, and a pair of binoculars, and started watching the border. Other people volunteered to help him, and they eventually organized into the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. If the government won't do it, he thought, the citizens will do it.

Listen to Simcox's 17-minute talk below. His talk is full of surprising facts about who is coming across the border and why, and what it has to do with the third jihad.


Anggun — Rebel With a Cause

Anggun Cipta Sasmi is a brave woman who grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. She lives in France now, and recently re-visited Jakarta for a special concert. After belting out a few songs from her albums “Luminescence” and “Snow on the Sahara” including the hit In Your Mind, she offered her view on the new law in Indonesia making it illegal for women to dress in any way that "raises a man's libido" (read more about that here).

She told a story about some women who had inspired the lyrics to In Your Mind. She told of women who had suffered in societies that restricted the freedom of women generally. Then she said: "I was born in a Muslim country. I am Muslim. But I’m very concerned that my country is becoming backward in this way."

Here are the lyrics In Your Mind:

I don’t want to believe
And i don’t want to live
By the excuses
Of your weakness

’cause a woman should do
What she wants to do
There is no reason
For your shallow aggravation

Nothing wrong with this dress I wear
Nothing wrong with this smile I dare
Nothing wrong with my long black hair
I’ts all in your mind, in your mind

Nothing wrong with this legs you see
Nothing wrong with this lean body
And nothing wrong with the woman in me
Its’ all in your mind, in your mind

I just want to be sure
Don’t want anymore
You’re calling out names
Oh what a shame

Just open your mind
Then maybe you’ll find
That there’s no reason
For your shallow aggravation

This is the time
To change your mind
There’s still a chance
To change your mind

It’s plain to see
From anywhere that the only thing wrong
Is your irritating mind

You can listen to the song here: In Your Mind.

The above article is adapted from an article by Shiva called Hello.