Civilus Defendus

SHE'S A ONE-WOMAN ARMY. The author of Citizen's Declaration and Plea of Relief, Civilus Defendus has written and posted the declaration, made it into a petition, which she has emailed, s-mailed, and faxed to Anti-Terror Caucus members, state representatives, Fox News, ACT for America, Center for Security Policy, and many anti-jihad bloggers including Robert Spencer and Bill Warner.

She also authored a piece called Why We Must Resist (PDF) and sent that to each member of the House Homeland Security Committee, chairs of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. John McCain, and President Obama.

She is planning a trip to Washington DC this April (2010) to meet with federal electeds, Sue Myrick and others. She will hand-deliver 535 hard copies of the Call to Action which includes "Why We Must Resist" and the Citizens' Declaration, and a few copies of Liberty vs. Sharia. She'll be visiting several internet contacts on the East Coast for networking and brainstorming.

She's also been on the G. Gordon Liddy show about 20 times as a caller. They have her on caller ID! She's written to newspapers in the US and UK, magazines, TV news shows, authors, courts, governors, mayors, banks, businesses, numerous elected representatives nationwide, advertising agencies, transit authorities, to "enlighten, support or diplomatically chastise."

And as if that's not enough, she has two websites: Civilus Defendus and Sharia-Free America, the first for commentary and the second to promote political action. And she does all this while still holding down a job and taking care of her family! For her hard work and inspirational example, Civilus Defendus has earned the Citizen Warrior Hero Award.