Bill Warner

I tried to read the Quran many times, but I couldn't stay awake, and it was confusing because the traditional way to arrange the chapters is from the longest chapter to the shortest, rather than arranging them in the order they were written. Since many of the passages are events in Mohammad's life, reading the Quran start to finish is disorienting. It jumps around.

And many of the passages have no context. They seem to start in the middle, or assume the reader already knows things about Mohammad's life.

Not only that but most English translations are written in Olde English, which makes it even harder to read. And the original Quran is full of tedious repetitions of the same stories.

But Bill Warner, a former professor of physics, created a readable Quran. This is a vital key to defeating the third jihad. We non-Muslims need to know what is in that book since 61% of it is about us. Reading the Quran is the single most important thing a non-Muslim can do to educate themselves about Islam. Warner's book makes this a lot easier.

The book is entitled An Abridged Koran. It is written in chronological order in plain modern English, it removes the repetition, and it includes biographical information where needed so you actually know what it the passages refer to. It it excellent.

Bill also has several great weekly newsletters. Sign up here: Political Islam (in the left-hand column).

Trencherbone the Great

A blogger who calls himself "Trencherbone" has done us a great service. On a single page, he has compiled an enormous collection of resources entitled, Everything You Need to Know About Islam, arranged in alphabetical order.

Each category has several, sometimes very many, links to articles on that topic.

When we're talking to our fellow non-Muslims about Islam, they want proof. They want facts, statistics, examples. Their minds are not blank when it comes to Islam. They have already been told by seeming experts that Islam is a religion of peace, that it has been hijacked by extremists, and that people like you are racist, bigoted Islamophobes. So you had better make a good case if you want to get through.

Trencherbone has made it much easier to make a good case. And for that, and all the effort he has put into this excellent resource, he has justly earned the Citizen Warrior Hero Award. Check out his page: Everything You Need to Know About Islam.

Al Dajjal: Dangerous to Islamic Supremacists

I first read about Al Dajjal in an article about Pakistan. The article mentioned that Pakistan had blocked certain web sites and blogs that criticized Islamic doctrine, preventing their citizens from seeing them. It specifically mentioned the blog, Islam Exposed. And I thought, "If it's good enough to be blocked by Pakistan, it must be worth reading."

I was surprised to discover my petition to stop Muslim immigration in the Islam Exposed sidebar. I introduced myself to him. I was immediately impressed with his ability to document everything he said using core Islamic texts.

When White Roses posted their video, Three Things About Islam, Al Dajjal created a supporting post, showing the validity of the points made in the video. And he just did the same with Citizen Warrior's most famous article, The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam.

In the comments on the White Roses video, Muslims often make comments, producing confusion (sometimes deliberately, I think) and it was interfering with the purpose of the video, which was to educate people who don't know much about Islam. For people who know little about Islam, it's confusing when Muslims say "none of this is true." So Al Dajjal's doctrinal reference post is important. The post shows clearly the voluminous support in core Islamic doctrines for the message in the video. And since the video has already been viewed by well over a million people (and it's still relatively new) this support has made a big difference.

And many people had urged us to provide proof for each point in The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam. We assumed people would be motivated to learn on their own, but many people asked for proof and were sometimes looking for a reason to dismiss the information, but Al Dajjal again provided the support, allowing that article to have greater influence.

In addition to allying with others in the Resistance, Al Dajjal is a formidable warrior on his own, running both Islam Exposed and the Crusader's Armory.

For the work he does doing the one thing that needs to be done — educating non-Muslims about Islam's prime directive — he has definitely earned the Citizen Warrior Hero Award.

Risking Their Lives For Freedom

A group of Muslims have openly renounced their faith, exposing themselves to the wrath of Islam. It is a sin punishable by death to leave Islam. But these people are doing it, they're doing it in public, and they're saying why they're doing it.

They are opposed to Britain's culture of accepting and appeasing the intolerant religion of Islam. They believe in freedom of speech, freedom of sexuality, and freedom of religion.

Read more at their web site: Council of Ex-Muslims.