Chris Simcox

Chris Simcox is a Citizen Warrior Hero. After September 11th, he discovered, quite by accident, just how porous the southern border of the U.S. really was, so he went down to the border with a chair, a cellphone, and a pair of binoculars, and started watching the border. Other people volunteered to help him, and they eventually organized into the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. If the government won't do it, he thought, the citizens will do it.

Listen to Simcox's 17-minute talk below. His talk is full of surprising facts about who is coming across the border and why, and what it has to do with the third jihad.


Anggun — Rebel With a Cause

Anggun Cipta Sasmi is a brave woman who grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. She lives in France now, and recently re-visited Jakarta for a special concert. After belting out a few songs from her albums “Luminescence” and “Snow on the Sahara” including the hit In Your Mind, she offered her view on the new law in Indonesia making it illegal for women to dress in any way that "raises a man's libido" (read more about that here).

She told a story about some women who had inspired the lyrics to In Your Mind. She told of women who had suffered in societies that restricted the freedom of women generally. Then she said: "I was born in a Muslim country. I am Muslim. But I’m very concerned that my country is becoming backward in this way."

Here are the lyrics In Your Mind:

I don’t want to believe
And i don’t want to live
By the excuses
Of your weakness

’cause a woman should do
What she wants to do
There is no reason
For your shallow aggravation

Nothing wrong with this dress I wear
Nothing wrong with this smile I dare
Nothing wrong with my long black hair
I’ts all in your mind, in your mind

Nothing wrong with this legs you see
Nothing wrong with this lean body
And nothing wrong with the woman in me
Its’ all in your mind, in your mind

I just want to be sure
Don’t want anymore
You’re calling out names
Oh what a shame

Just open your mind
Then maybe you’ll find
That there’s no reason
For your shallow aggravation

This is the time
To change your mind
There’s still a chance
To change your mind

It’s plain to see
From anywhere that the only thing wrong
Is your irritating mind

You can listen to the song here: In Your Mind.

The above article is adapted from an article by Shiva called Hello.


The People Who Tried To Stop The Stoning

On October 28th, a 13 year-old girl was stoned to death for the crime of adultery. She had been raped by three men and when her parents reported the crime to the authorities, the Jihadis who rule the city (Kismayu, Somalia) arrested the girl for the crime of adultery and sentenced her to death by stoning.

A witness told the BBC that when she was being tried and sentenced, she asked the Islamic administration in Kismayo: "What do you want from me?"

They replied : "We will do what Allah has instructed us."

Shari'a law says that a woman needs four male witnesses to corroborate a woman's story that she has been raped. A woman's testimony counts only as half a man's so if it's a man against a woman, he always wins. Following Islamic law, the authorities did not question, detain, or even accuse the rapists.

After being sentenced, 13 year-old Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was dragged screaming into a soccer stadium and buried up to her neck in sand. Fifty men threw stones at her head until they thought she was dead. According to Amnesty International, nurses at that point unburied her and checked, and when they found she was still alive, they re-buried her and continued the stoning.

Even though the people of Kismayu live in fear of their lives because the Jihadis rule with terror, several people in the crowd tried to stop the stoning. The guards opened fire on the crowd to make them back down, wounding one man and killing an 8 year-old boy.

The people who tried to intervene are heroes.

Read the whole story: Somali girl 'pleaded for mercy' before Islamists stoned her to death for being raped.


The United American Committee

The United American Committee (UAC) has a lot of projects going, including stopping a madrassa in the U.S. from teaching hatred, preventing "textbook" jihad, and producing a radio show and a documentary.

But one action they've taken lately I thought was particularly noteworthy. They put a billboard on the I-75 Detroit-Toledo Expressway. Here it is:

When you go to the web address they advertise on the billboard,, you will see a video, top center, that will educate you about Shari'a Law.

What a great idea!

The most important thing that needs to be done throughout the Western nations is the education of non-Muslims about the goals and methods of Islam. The United American Committee is doing just that, boldly and with professionalism. That's exactly what we need.

Read more about them: The United American Committee.


Anne Korin

"THIS YEAR, the United States and other countries will send OPEC countries more money than the United States taxpayers send our own Department of Defense," says Anne Korin in the video below.

We're pouring money into the pockets of organizations dead-set on destroying the West. Why? Because the only fuel we use for transportation is oil. And transportation is the underpinning of our economy. What a trap!

Anne Korin has a practical way out: Urge congress to mandate an open fuel standard. Making a combustion engine with an open fuel standard costs about one hundred dollars. And doing it will have enormous consequences: It allows competition between fuels, allowing fuel prices to drop, it cuts off the flow of money to Jihadis in the Middle East, and it boosts our own economy because most of the other fuels will be made domestically.

Korin explains all this clearly and simply:

That is the first video of several. You can watch the rest here: Anne Korin's solution to OPEC's monopoly and oil jihad.

You can do something right now to push the U.S. to adopt an open fuel standard: Go to Nozzle Rage and click on the red button in the upper right hand corner to put the pressure on your representatives to get this law passed. Then encourage everyone you know to do so, and encourage them to encourage everyone they know. Let's get this done!


Representative Sue Myrick

Rep. Sue Myrick of North Carolina founded the bipartisan Anti-Terrorism Caucus. "Members of Congress and the American public must know the threats we face from radical jihadist terrorists," she says. "The Anti-Terrorism Caucus will give Congress the tools and resources it needs to communicate those threats to the public, as well as help them make more informed decisions when it comes to terrorist issues."

Rep. Myrick hopes that the American public will see that Iraq is just one part of the greater war against radical Islamic Jihadists. She hopes that by forming this new caucus, members can educate themselves on the threats we face so that they can take that knowledge back home and help educate their constituents. The caucus now has over 120 members and is getting valuable information on things such as terrorist use of the internet, terrorist financing, and jihadist history and ideology.

Rep. Sue Myrick's also created a “Wake Up America” Agenda, which will, among other things, call for a government investigation of all US military chaplains and US prison chaplains who were approved by Abdurahman Alamoudi, and will call for the Government Accounting Office to investigate the selection process of Arabic translators in the FBI and Department of Defense.

Her wake up agenda will also introduce a bill to make the preaching, publication, or distribution of materials that call for the death of American citizens, attacks on the United States Government or Armed Forces, or the financing of the means and/or operations to accomplish these acts, acts of sedition and/or solicitation of treason.

This woman means business. We need more like her. Read an article about her: Sue Myrick's Anti-Jihad Caucus. Read a good interview with her. Read what she says about Jihadi infiltration within the U.S. And lend her your support. If you live in North Carolina, you can email her here. You can fax her from anywhere: 202-225-3389.


Swiss Say No to a Concession For Islam

A Muslim man wanted his two sons to be exempt from mixed swimming classes (boys and girls in the same class), so he took it to court. The Swiss court ruled that it is more important to encourage equality between the sexes and to integrate into the society than it is to gratify religious considerations.

That's just beautiful, isn't it?

Muslims will not stop pressing for concessions. It is the free world that will have to say no. And in Switzerland, the court did just that. As Hege Storhaug, the co-founder of Human Rights Service in Norway, said: "All the time [Muslims] have special rules...We get a split-up society and Islam gets more presence in the public sphere...In the most extreme consequence it leads to the Islamization of society."

"All the time it's Muslims who come with special requirements," she says. "We never hear a peep from Catholics, Jews, Hindus etc."

Read the whole story: Mixed Swimming Worries Swiss Muslims.

The Brave, Freedom-Loving Danish People

In an excellent recent article by Bruce Bawer, author of While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, he wrote about what happened during and shortly after the "cartoon riots." The riots were caused by some cartoons published in a Danish newspaper. The drawing to your right is one of them.

Because Islam forbids the artistic representation of people, and because the cartoon implied that Muslims might be violent, Muslims across Europe rioted violently to protest. When it was all over, 187 people were dead. Over cartoons.

Newspapers in Britain, Sweden, Norway, and the United States almost universally failed to reprint these relatively mild cartoons. But not everyone cowered in fear. As Bawer writes:

My book came out in the midst of the Danish cartoon crisis. And during that crisis I saw things in Europe that — quite frankly — surprised and impressed me. I saw the editors of a Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, stand up for freedom of expression in the face of worldwide rioting, vandalism, and murder by Muslims and contempt on the part of foolish Westerners. I saw a Danish prime minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in defiance of the UN, the EU, and most of the “international community,” stand by that newspaper and refuse to meet with Muslim ambassadors who were out to intimidate his country and to force Sharia-like restrictions on Western liberties. I saw the people of Denmark, in overwhelming numbers, stand behind their prime minister in his refusal to yield to jihad. And I saw major newspapers across Europe reprinting the Jyllands-Posten cartoons in acts of free-speech solidarity.

The Danish are a brave, freedom-loving people who are a shining example to the free world. Read the whole article: Who's Sleeping More Deeply — Europe or America?


Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer is fighting the most important fight needed in the West right now: The education of citizens about the basic doctrines of Islam and how those doctrines are impacting non-Muslims. He is well-educated on the subject and capable of competent articulation. And he's been doing it for a long time.

In the video below he answers some questions on Fox News. Almost everything he says is clear and necessary to understand if we intend to stop Islam's relentless encroachment.

You can read articles by Robert Spencer (and his commentary on current events) at his site, JihadWatch. I also recommend his excellent book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades). I have it on audio in my car and I've learned a lot of information very thoroughly by listening to it many times. Of all the citizen warrior heroes in this war, Robert Spencer is one of the most important.


European Citizen Warrior Heroes

From an article in USA Today:

• Supporters of the Swiss referendum collected enough signatures two weeks ago to call for a constitutional ban on minarets, the towers used to call worshipers to prayer.

• Italy's Interior Minister Roberto Maroni announced this month that he wants to close a Milan mosque because crowds attending Friday prayers spill onto the street and irritate neighbors. In April, the city of Bologna scrapped plans for a new mosque, saying Muslim leaders failed to meet certain requirements, including making public its source of funding.

• In Austria, the southern province of Carinthia passed a law in February that effectively bans the construction of mosques by requiring them to fit within the overall look and harmony of villages and towns.

• Far-right leaders from 15 European cities met in Antwerp, Belgium, in January and called for a ban on new mosques and a halt to "the Islamization" of European cities. The group said mosques act as catalysts for taking over neighborhoods and imposing Islamic ways of life on Europeans.

"We already have more than 6,000 mosques in Europe, which are not only a place to worship but also a symbol of radicalization, some financed by extreme groups in Saudi Arabia or Iran," Filip Dewinter, leader of a Flemish separatist party in Belgium, told Radio Netherlands Worldwide at the conference.


Hackers Block Al Qaeda’s 9/11 Video

Hackers prevented Al Qaeda from releasing a videotape to mark the seventh anniversary of 9/11. Al Qaeda has traditionally issued a video or audiotape by either Osama bin Laden or Ayman al Zawahiri, the terror network’s two leaders, to mark their massive terrorist attack on the U.S.

As-Sahab, Al Qaeda’s media unit, had indicated that it would post such a videotape on September 11. As-Sahab had banner images on the internet showing a silhouetted head with a question mark and the words, “Wait 11 September.”

The US-based intelligence group IntelCenter had speculated the video would be a message from Osama or Zawahiri with a recording of the last will and testament of Mohammed Atta, one of the leaders of the 9/11 attackers.

Sources close to U.S. intelligence said, “Hackers knocked out Al Qaeda’s online means of communication, thus preventing them from posting anything to commemorate the anniversary.”

Western intelligence suspects two hackers who have targeted Islamicist sites before were responsible: Aaron Weisburd from Internet Haganah and Rusty Shackleford from the web group My Pet Jawa. Both have been active in ongoing Internet battle between Islamicist hackers and their opponents.

This is not the first time hackers have dented the plans of the world’s deadliest terror network. In 2004, a hacker group called TeAmZ USA had knocked out the websites of Abu Musal al-Zarqawi, late head of the Al Qaeda in Iraq, for showing tapes of Westerners being beheaded. The hackers left the image of a gun-toting penguin on the website.

Read whole story: Hackers Block Al Qaeda.


Passengers Aboard Flight 93

I just watched the DVD Flight 93 — a riveting portrayal of the events on board United 93 on September 11th — and it was one of the most moving films I've ever seen. The passengers who tried to take control of that plane were citizen warrior heroes.

The citizens aboard that plane were the only ones who stopped any Jihadis that day. And they prevented major attack on either the White House or the Capitol Building.

Read the whole story here, including profiles of each of the passengers and crew: Flight 93.

Get the DVD and relive that world-changing day through the eyes of forty citizen warrior heroes: Flight 93: The Movie.


Joe Kaufman and Terror-Free Gas

Below is a four-minute video interview with Joe Kaufman, the spokesman for the group behind the Terror-Free Oil Initiative. As he said, "We are sick and tired here in America of financing our own demise." That is, we are tired of sending billions of dollars to Islamic countries who then do their best to destroy us. In the interview, he talks about a terror-free gas station they opened in Ohio.

You can go here to find out which oil companies are terror free — that is, companies that do not get any oil from the Persian Gulf.

And if you can't find any of those gas stations in your area, you can go here and find out which oil companies have the smallest percentage of oil coming from the Persian Gulf.


Tom Trento

Tom Trento runs the site,, which is doing a great job getting people to watch the DVD, Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West. His organization has given away thousands of the DVDs, they've flown a plane over a big city advertising the movie, parked a truck advertising the movie in front of a big stadium, and so on (see photos of their promotional events). Tom and his organization are making people aware of this important film.

I first heard about Tom's work when he handed out free copies of Obsession to everyone at the Democratic Convention in Denver earlier this year (2008). That struck me as brilliant.

Tom Trento is doing one of the most important things that can be done: Helping non-Muslims educate themselves about Islam's political goals. And he chose one of the best vehicles for accomplishing this: Obsession is a good introduction to the guiding principles of Islam's relationship with non-Muslims.

Read more about Tom Trento's work:


Stop the Jihad on Campus

David Horowitz has found a way to make people aware of the goals of Jihadis on U.S. campuses — a place where multiculturalism reigns. He has created an annual event with speakers and literature on campuses all over the United States called Stop the Jihad on Campus.

The goal of this week-long event October 13-17 is to dispel the charade promoted by the MSA (Muslim Students Association) that it is merely another religious and cultural group among the many which make up today’s “diverse,” multicultural campus. Hopefully, this will convince student governments and university administrators to remove funding for this hostile organization.

“Stop the Jihad on Campus” will reveal MSA’s hardcore political agenda as an affinity group for the radical Islamic jihad, and its role as a sponsor of religious prejudice against women and gays, ethnic hatred against Jews, and anti-American propaganda. Horowitz clearly understands the goals and methods of Jihadis and is successfully thwarting them.

Learn more about his project and find ways you can help: Stop the Jihad on Campus.

Learn more about the MSA's connection to violence-promoting U.S. organizations: The Muslim Brotherhood's US Network (long article but worth reading).

Glen Reinsford and the Religion of Peace

Glen Reinsford started a year after 9/11 and originally simply posted every Islamic terrorist attack that occurred anywhere in the world. And the site still does that. But over the years, Reinsford has added many additional features to a site that many now use as a helpful resources in the battle to stop Islam's relentless encroachment.

Reinsford has a passion for accuracy, and that's one of the things that makes his site so valuable. His mission is "to present the truth about Islam and how it is so tragically different from other religions." Read more about his mission here: An article about TROP on TROP.

By simply presenting the facts, Reinsford cuts through the multicultural rhetoric and makes it clear the teachings of this religion are presenting a danger to the free world. And as Reinsford says, "Nor should Westerners continue to think that the solution to the violence is greater understanding and tolerance for Islam, as Muslim apologists often imply when offering rare commentary on high-profile terror attacks. It is the killers and their supporters who need lessons in tolerance and understanding, not their victims."

Read more: An interview with Glen Reinsford.


Combined Task Force 150

Jihadi pirates off the coast of Somalia are causing havoc on the high seas. Strange but true. Al-Qaeda is alive and well in Somalia. The group has seized dozens of ships and held them for ransom. They use speedboats equipped with rifles, grenades, scaling ladders to surround and board large ships. They operate hundreds of miles offshore, the smaller boats launching from larger "motherships."

They stand to earn 50 million dollars this year, the money going directly into the coffers of the most violent and aggressive Jihadi group in the world. Right now they are holding 14 ships and 300 crewmen for large ransoms. This kind of raiding and ransoming is very similar to how Mohammad financed early Islam (see more in the comments to this article).

But the Combined Task Force 150, an international naval force under the U.S. 5th Fleet command, has begun patrolling the area. They have already thwarted 12 pirate hijackings.

Read the whole story: Jihad on the High Seas.

Geert Wilders Speaks Straight

Geert Wilders, chairman of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, is speaking directly about Islam's relentless encroachment. He is, of course, vilified by the multicultural media, but his party is gaining popularity as Islam's push for concessions becomes more demanding and insistent. (Read what kind of concessions I'm talking about.)

Muslims all over Europe are using both legal and illegal means to coerce concessions, and they are gaining ground all the time. When a Dutch newspaper published cartoons of Mohammad, the riots that ensued left 187 people dead and many publishers cowed into self-censorship.

Wilders is recommending simple and direct solutions such as stopping the immigration from Muslim countries. Regardless of criticism from mass media and death threats from important and influencial Muslims, he continues to speak out.

Read one of his recent speeches: America As The Last Man Standing.


Wafa Sultan On Women and Freedom

The following is a five-and-a-half minute clip from Al-Jazeera of an Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist, delivering a devastating critique of Islam. She does this within the framework of a debate with a Muslim cleric, whose only argument is: "You're a heretic, so we don't have to listen to you."

Wafa Sultan has been a powerful, outspoken defender of women's rights in Islamic countries, something badly needed. An articulate rant that says something important is a beautiful thing to behold. Wafa Sultan achieves it in this clip:


Frank Wolf Motivates State Department

U.S. Representative Frank R. Wolf has called for a thorough investigation of curriculum textbooks being used by the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA). Wolf said the U.S. Commission in International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) claimed that the textbooks "promote violence and intolerance." To buttress his request, Wolf included a recent report by the Heritage Foundation that stated "ISA is subject to the terms of the Foreign Missions Act" and that it is within the State Department's powers to declare ISA "a foreign mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

The case of Ahmed Omar Abu Ali is instructive of the dangers of education at ISA. Abu Ali was convicted in 2005 of plotting to assassinate President George W. Bush. Abu Ali graduated as the valedictorian of his class from the Islamic Saudi Academy. The school is run by the Saudi government, the property is under the Saudi government’s control, and the Saudi Ambassador is the school board’s chairman. The USCIRF has previously urged that the school be shut down until its texts (provided by the Saudi government) no longer preach religious intolerance and violence.

Read more: Wolf Challenges State Department ISA Inaction.


YouTube Bans Jihadi Videos

The Internet has become a powerful tool for terrorism recruitment. What was once conducted at secret training camps in Afghanistan is now available to anyone, anywhere because of the Web. Chat rooms are potent recruitment tools, but counterterrorism officials have found terrorist-sponsored videos are also key parts of al-Qaida's propaganda machine.

Google's popular video-sharing site now bans this footage that advertises terrorism or extremist causes. Backers of the change hope it will blunt al-Qaida's strong media online campaign.

Read the whole article: YouTube Bans Terrorism Training Videos.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim, understands the dangers of creeping Islamization and speaks articulately about it. She saw her own country, Somalia, become a Muslim country in her lifetime. The Jihadi infiltration always starts out small, she says, but they keep encroaching until they've taken over. She is interviewed in this video (7 minutes, 20 seconds long):

See another interview here (3:41): Anderson Cooper 360.

Here's another on Fox (3:28): Ali on Fox News Sunday.


Teaching Afghan Girls

Sakena Yacoobi risked her life when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan. If she had been caught teaching girls while the Taliban was in power, she would have been executed. But she knew it was important for girls to be educated, so she began the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL).

The simple, commonplace act (at least in democratic countries) of educating girls successfully reverses Islam's relentless encroachment because one very powerful way to weaken Jihadis is to establish full human rights for women. The fundamental principles of Islam are devastating to women's rights. Strengthening rights for women weakens the hold of Shari'a law.

Until the fall of Taliban in 2001, AIL operated underground, supporting home-schools for over 3000 girls, and it was the first organization to open Women’s Learning Centers which taught women to become economically independent. Since 2002, with the adoption of a new Afghan constitution, women have been allowed to return to work and some have been appointed to prominent positions in the government. AIL now serves 350,000 women and children annually and employs about 415 Afghans, over 70% of whom are women.

Read more: Sakena Lida Yacoobi.


Tom Tancredo Makes a Decent Proposal

Representative Tom Tancredo (R-Littleton) proposed a bill, dubbed the “Jihad Prevention Act,” that would bar the entry of foreign nationals who advocate Shari'a law. In addition, the legislation would make the advocacy of Shari'a law by Muslims already in the United States a deportable offense.

“When you have an immigration policy that allows for the importation of millions of radical Muslims, you are also importing their radical ideology — an ideology that is fundamentally hostile to the foundations of western democracy — such as gender equality, pluralism, and individual liberty,” said Tancredo. “The best way to safeguard America against the importation of the destructive effects of this poisonous ideology is to prevent its purveyors from coming here in the first place.”

Read more: Tancredo Proposes Anti-Sharia Measure.


Norway Holds the Line

One way to wage jihad is with violence. Another way is to constantly push for a political concession to Islam. Here's a good one: Some Muslims in Norway are pushing for a restriction on alcohol because it makes Muslims feel uncomfortable sometimes when people around them are drinking. "Muslims want to have alcohol-free days in discos. There should be some days when people can go to restaurants and discos where there's a total ban on alcohol," says one of the Muslims pushing for political reform.

So far, Hege Storhaug, the co-founder of Human Rights Service, rejects such a proposal. "All the time they have special rules," says Storhaug, "and we reject special requirements. We get a split-up society and Islam gets more presence in the public sphere. People force religious opinions on others. In the most extreme consequence it leads to the Islamization of society." I like this woman. "All the time it's Muslims who come with special requirements," she says. "We never hear a peep from Catholics, Jews, Hindus etc." This concession didn't happen.

Will this stop them? No. They will keep pushing. The only answer is no more concessions to Islam. Read the whole story: Alcohol as an Obstacle.

Brave Publisher

"Gibson Square, a British publishing house, has announced that it will soon release "The Jewel of Medina," a novel by American author Sherry Jones, whose publication in the United States was recently canceled by Random House for fear of triggering violence by Islamic fanatics. Bravo," says Alvaro Vargas Llosa of the International Herald Tribune.

"Any time, any place in which the threat of violence inhibits the exercise of free expression," he wrote, "the imperfect freedoms of Western civilization that so many people around the world struggle to imitate are in danger.

"I am not interested in the reasons why Gibson Square has decided to publish the book — whether it's opportunism or a belief in the merits of the novel. But the fact that someone, somewhere, is willing to run the risk of not letting the threat of violence inhibit free expression is tremendously comforting."

Read the whole article: The Silence of the Cowed.


European Lawyers Face the Issue

“Facing Jihad” is a summit of European lawmakers who are united in their shared belief that Islam today poses a serious threat to Western civilization.

The summit, hosted by Member of Knesset Dr. Arieh Eldad and the Ariel Institute, will focus on the principle that urgent action is required to defend traditional fundamental European rights such as the liberty of individuals, the rule of law, democracy, freedom of speech and the equality of all before the law as well as the traditional identity and sovereignty of Western nations.

“Facing Jihad: A Lawmakers’ Summit,” will take place in Jerusalem December 14 - 15, 2008.

To find out more, go here: Facing Jihad.

Pat Condell Speaks Up

He's an outspoken opponent of the relentless Islamic political encroachment, and as articulate as Winston Churchill. Take a listen (the video is just under six minutes long):


British Law Enforcement Successes

More than 20 Jihadi terror plots in Britain have now been thwarted; more than 1,000 people have been arrested under terrorism laws, and more than 200 of them convicted. These figures certainly suggest that the British security world has raised its game.

Britain (and the entire free world) has a long way to go, but we should not ignore improvement.

Read the whole story: Look Here.

Education is the Key

One of the most effective things anyone can do to stop the SNIPE is educating non-Muslims about the dangerous principles of Islam. For example, Frank Wuco, a consultant and 28-year-military intelligence veteran, educates Americans about jihad.

"If you think you're winning this war," Fuad tells a roomful of Americans, "if you think that you're defeating jihad, you're wrong, dead wrong."

In this case, Wuco's audience is comprised of civilian analysts working for military intelligence at MacDill Air Force Base. Their boss is a retired Army officer, Gregory Celestan, who says this is a good chance to get educated about the Jihadis.

Read the whole story: Have You Heard Of Jihad?

Watch a short video of him doing his work: Frank Wuko Video.

Protesting a New Mosque

Fifteen hundred demonstrators are expected to protest the building of an enormous new mosque in Cologne, Germany. Mosques are Islamic outposts in the enemy's territory, or at least that's how Jihadis see it, and they use mosques to recruit Jihadis and to inflame Muslim hatred against their host country. This is part of the new invasion, the gradual Islamic political encroachment aimed at the ultimate takeover of western governments.

At least 1500 people recognize the significance of the proposed mosque, and are doing something about it.

Read the story: Protesting Cologne's Mosque.

Trying To Stop Recruiting In Prisons

In U.S. and European prisons, Jihadis are successfully recruiting thugs to their cause. But the EU will be hosting a seminar to draft a manual on how prisons can stop this recruitment.

More details here: Stopping Prison Recruitment.