Norway Holds the Line

One way to wage jihad is with violence. Another way is to constantly push for a political concession to Islam. Here's a good one: Some Muslims in Norway are pushing for a restriction on alcohol because it makes Muslims feel uncomfortable sometimes when people around them are drinking. "Muslims want to have alcohol-free days in discos. There should be some days when people can go to restaurants and discos where there's a total ban on alcohol," says one of the Muslims pushing for political reform.

So far, Hege Storhaug, the co-founder of Human Rights Service, rejects such a proposal. "All the time they have special rules," says Storhaug, "and we reject special requirements. We get a split-up society and Islam gets more presence in the public sphere. People force religious opinions on others. In the most extreme consequence it leads to the Islamization of society." I like this woman. "All the time it's Muslims who come with special requirements," she says. "We never hear a peep from Catholics, Jews, Hindus etc." This concession didn't happen.

Will this stop them? No. They will keep pushing. The only answer is no more concessions to Islam. Read the whole story: Alcohol as an Obstacle.

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