Senator Jon Kyl

Please contact Senator Jon Kyl to thank him for hosting Geert Wilders, the man responsible for the film Fitna, and who is touring the U.S. this week.

It is a courageous thing to do for a politician simply because Wilders is such a controversial figure with the media. But this is exactly the kind of thing we'd like to encourage in our politicians, so please give him you very best kudos. He deserves it. Contact Jon Kyl here.

For more information on Mr. Wilders U.S. Tour Stops with the video of Fitna, go to Altas Shrugs.


Parents of Croham Hurst Students

Every little victory counts. Islamic supremacists are trying to wage jihad by gaining concessions. Every concession resisted is a victory. Every concession reversed is a victory. The parents of the children of Croham Hurst School have recently reversed a previous concession, and that makes them heroes in this fight.

For years, the school has been serving Halal meat, no doubt because of pressure from Muslims to be "multicultural." Muslims, wherever they are, constantly press for special consideration and accommodation. Parents never knew this concession had been made, but when they found out, they put pressure on the school to stop it, and they won.

You can read the story here: Halal Meat Taken Off School Menu.

I originally found the story at Islam In Action.