France Takes a Bold Step

THE FOLLOWING good news is excerpted from an article by Deborah Weiss entitled, France Gets Serious:

There’s a movement afoot to ban the burqa in Europe. And it just scored another political point in France. On July 13, the lower house in the French Parliament voted overwhelmingly to outlaw wearing burqas and niqabs in public.

On the eve of Bastille Day, which marks the birth of the secular republic of France, the French National Assembly passed a bill to ban full face veils with 335 votes in favor of the bill and only one vote against it. The bill will go to the Senate for a vote in September, where it is expected to pass.

Most Members of Parliament view this bill as a means to liberate women from male subjugation and make a statement for gender equality. Feminist organizations in Europe agree. In France, which has the largest Muslim population in Europe, nine out of ten people support the burqa ban. Those opposing the ban consist primarily of Muslims.

If the bill passes in the Senate, it will be sent directly to the Constitutional Council, France’s highest constitutional authority, for a ruling on its constitutionality. It might also be sent to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg, which issues decisions to which France is legally bound.

Many other countries are contemplating burqa bans. Municipalities in Spain, Belgium and Italy have bans already in effect. Additional locations are in varying stages of legislative debate and passage. There is also a growing movement amongst the general public calling for burqa bans in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark.


The Organization, SIOA

NEW YORK, July 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The human rights group Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) has launched a new campaign on taxicabs in Chicago to educate the American people about the horrors of honor killing.

The SIOA ads on Chicago taxis feature photos of honor killing victims with the question, “Is your family threatening you?” and the URL of the SIOA website

While Muslims are not the sole perpetrators of honor killings, a recent survey showed that 91 percent of honor killings worldwide are committed by Muslims, and 84 percent of honor killings in the United States were done by Muslims.

The urgency of raising awareness about honor killing was underscored last week when a Muslim actress who starred in the Harry Potter films, Afshan Azad, was badly beaten by her father and brother in an attempted honor murder. She was dating a non-Muslim.

A manual of Islamic law approved by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, stipulates that “retaliation is obligatory… against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.” However, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” In other words, Islamic law mandates no penalty for a parent who kills his child.

Read more about this brilliant campaign: SIOA Launches Honor Killing Awareness Campaign: Freedom Taxis Hit Chicago Streets.


Western Europe Fights Islamization

AN ARTICLE by Ryan Mauro, which listed European efforts to stop the encroachment of Sharia, and listed them all in one article, one after another, was like an inspiring tour de force. Check it out:

France took the first step in trying to stop the spread of Islam by banning any religious symbols from being worn in public schools, which included the headscarves worn by many Muslim women. This caused outrage in the Muslim world, and President Obama criticized it during his address in Cairo. Then in November, the Swiss voted in favor of banning the construction of minarets on mosques. This has sparked major movements on the continent to take further measures that would have been unthinkable a decade ago.

One by one, the countries of Europe are placing restrictions on wearing the burqas and niqabs in government buildings or even in public. In April, Belgium became the first of them to pass an all-encompassing ban, and the French Council of Ministers followed by passing a similar ban that the National Assembly has just approved. It is expected to pass the Senate in September and then be signed by President Sarkozy.

Now, the Senate in Spain has passed a motion calling on the government to completely ban the wearing of the veil in public, and several municipalities in Spain have also placed restrictions on the burqa, although the parliament of Catalonia has switched its initial vote in favor of a ban. The Senate’s motion went further than what the ruling Socialist government wanted, which only sought to stop the veils from being worn in public buildings. There are growing movements with varying success in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Italy for placing restrictions on the face veils. A battle over Sharia courts should be expected in the coming years, which Norway is taking the lead on. The Foreign Minister, who is the head of a panel on integration, has just expressed his opposition to them, saying “desegregation is our society’s biggest social challenge.”

Political parties that express a hard line on assimilation and Islam are gaining in the polls. A new Poll poll found that bans on the face veils are supported by a strong majority of Western Europeans. Eighty-two percent of the French, 71 percent of the Germans, 62 percent of the British and 59 percent of the Spanish are in favor of such a law.

The Freedom Party of Geert Wilders came in third in last month’s general elections in the Netherlands, expanding their number of seats from nine to 24. Wilders rightfully said that his party was “the biggest winner today.”

Read the whole article (which is fully referenced): Europe's Backlash Against Islamization.


Dr. Rich Swier

MOST, IF NOT ALL, of the 67 county school districts in Florida use this same world history textbook. The textbook is fatally flawed, historically inaccurate and may violate the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution according to a comprehensive study of the textbook done by Dr. Terri K. Wonder (Click Here to read the study as a PDF document).

This textbook has an anti-Western, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish bias. Conversely it promotes Eastern and Middle Eastern Cultures, promotes Islam as a religion, promotes socialism and fails to address world history in a historically accurate manner.

Sarasota County ACT! for America Chapter Leader, Dr. Rich Swier, has approached the local School Board and asked that World History: Patterns of Interaction be removed from the district approved list of instructional materials. His work has lead to a historic event — the Sarasota County School Board will hear an appeal to the Superintendent of the Sarasota County School District's decision to deny Dr. Swier's complaint.

Read more about this story: Major Development on the Textbook Front.

Contact Dr. Swier and join him on Twitter and Facebook here.


Dedicated Blogger

A man who calls himself Pastorius created a blog called the Infidel Bloggers Alliance back in 2002 and has collected a wide diversity of forty or so competent bloggers from many different countries and religious persuasions who generate original ideas in a freeflowing forum on the subject of how to stop Islam's relentless encroachment, and he allows them to do it all with free expression and a sense of humor.

The blog is filled with thousands of articles, videos, and pictures, and some of the posts generate illuminating and voluminous dialog.

Check out the blog: Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

UC Irvine Suspends MSU

ISRAELI AMBASSADOR Michael Oren spoke at UC Irvine. According to the disciplinary committee’s findings, members of the Muslim Student Union (MSU) disrupted the speech by standing up and yelling, one after the other, creating a chaotic situation in which the speaker could not continue.

This event takes place against a backdrop of disruptive campus action by the MSU. Over the past several years, they've organized demonstrations against Israel and on behalf of Palestinian and jihadi groups that have angered both the university and the surrounding community.

Efforts on the part of Islamic supremacist student groups to suppress free speech on campus have intensified in recent years. While attempting to deliver an address at UC Berkeley, Daniel Pipes was shouted down and obstructed by students from the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine who willfully disregarded signs posted outside the lecture hall warning that no banners, signs, shouting or violence would be allowed during the speech.

In another incident, Nonie Darwish, a critic of Islamic supremacism, was greeted by an unruly mob at Berkeley who shouted “Fascist! Fascist! Fascist!” at her and “You are nothing but a tool for the imperialism of the United States! You are here to spread racist filth on our Arab brothers and sisters!” When Darwish spoke at Boston University, someone deliberately lit a fire in a restroom near the site of her speech, 15 minutes before it was scheduled to begin. In none of these cases did the offenders face serious repercussions for their actions.

But UC Irvine investigated the incident and concluded that, “The disruptions were planned, orchestrated and coordinated in advance by the Muslim Student Union,” and noted that during one meeting prior to Oren’s speech MSU members had discussed how to “send the speaker a message – our goal should be that he knows that he can’t just go to a campus and say whatever he wants.”

The committee further found that following the disruption of Oren’s speech, the MSU engineered a cover-up and instructed its membership to lie about the organization’s involvement in the protests.

As a result of its investigation, the disciplinary committee decided to suspend the Muslim Student Union for one year. This is a good precedent to set for other campuses.

Read the whole article: A Rare Victory for Free Speech at UC Irvine.


Norway Bans Sharia Law

GOOD NEWS from Loganswarning:

First the state of Louisiana banned Sharia Law, and the state of Oklahoma is in the process of banning it as well. Now we look across the pond to Europe, where the problems with Islam are much worse, and we see that Norway has done what the Brits need to do. Hopefully this will get the ball rolling across Europe.

Jonas Gahr Støre, Norway's Foreign Minister, has totally discounted the idea of establishing a Sharia council in Norway. He says a parallel court system is out of the question, arguing it does nothing to help integration.

“We’re a constitutional state based on democracy, freedom of speech and religion, as well as equal opportunities and status,” says Støre.

Read more: Norway Bans Sharia Courts!


THE FEDERAL Bureau of Investigation has foiled yet another Jihadi plot — which would have been the worst attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. Three Jihadis planned to simultaneously blow themselves up at three different locations on New York subways at rush hour, in order to kill as many non-Muslims as possible.

The three were trained in Pakistan. Suspicious e-mails tipped off intelligence officers and launched "Operation High Rise," an FBI investigation that had to come together within days. Agents scrambled as one of the suicide bombers sped toward New York, armed with about two pounds of a powerful explosive.

Read the whole story: Al-Qaida operative tied to NY plot.

New York City Voters

NEW YORK CITY voters, by an almost 2-to-1 ratio, oppose a plan by a Muslim group to build a mosque and cultural center two blocks from the site of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, according to a Quinnipiac University poll.

The survey of 1,183 registered voters in New York, conducted from June 21 to June 28, has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.9 percentage points.

Read the whole article: New York City Voters Oppose Mosque Near Ground Zero, Poll Says.